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04/04/18 - Résultats annuels 2017

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09/26/17 - Résultats Semestriels 2017

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Sustainable Development

DLM sees its societal responsibility in terms of lasting commitment, and 2009 will be a year in which sustainable development takes center stage.

Socially equitable


DLM is determined to improve quality of life for all its colleagues:

  • by ensuring safe working conditions and facilities through rigorous implementation of a “safety” program based around an annual “DLM SALAMA” campaign
  • by creating jobs near new production sites
  • by keeping up social dialogue and by maintaining an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Economically effective

DLM is committed to a process of continuous improvement, in order to better meets the needs of all its stakeholders – shareholders, financial partners, customers, colleagues and representatives of civil society. Through the major investments it makes, DLM also participates in the Kingdom’s economic development.

Ecologically responsible

DLM encourages all its personnel to reduce consumption of water, energy and paper – an approach supported by an in-house awareness-raising campaign.

Steel – a real advantage environmentally speaking Thanks to its magnetic properties, steel can be separated and salvaged from all types of waste material. It is indefinitely and 100% recyclable without deterioration.

As far as construction is concerned, it is simple to dismantle steel buildings and recycle their components. At the end of their lives, steel structures do not need to be demolished. They disassemble easily, safely and cleanly, for possible reassembly in the future. It is a matter of selective dismantlement, without noise, dust, or other forms of pollution of the local environment.